Album Feature: Life After Youth by Land of Talk

Land of Talk - Life After Youth album cover

I love me some easy breezy roadtrip music like The Sundays, especially when I feel like I’m in a rut or I don’t have my sh*t together. And chancing upon the latest release from Land of Talk was such a treat – it effortlessly makes you feel like the world is perfect. Elizabeth Powell’s arresting voice gently lifts your mood.

It has been seven years since Montreal-based Land of Talk’s last studio album Cloak and Cipher (2010). While singer-songwriter Elizabeth Powell’s six-month recuperation period from a hemorrhage vocal polyp in 2009 led to the creation of the said album, the latest release Life After Youth was inspired by her father’s recovery.

Elizabeth Powell

The tracks in this new album were heavily influenced by classical, ambient, and Japanese tonkori music, in which Powell immersed herself while taking care of her father. It was said that the meditative quality of this music aided her father’s recovery, consequently influencing her approach in making music. As I mentioned earlier, her voice will easily remind you of the gentle and whimsical music of The Sundays, especially in “This Time (2)” and the carrier single “Inner Lover (7).” Life After Youth is their third release since coming together in 2006, and the band also released three EPs and three singles from 2006-2009.


Label: Saddle Creek

Year: 2017

Personal favorites/s: What Was I Thinking, Macabre, This Time, Inner Lover, In Florida


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