Joining Another Realm with Shallou

Shallou Live in Schubas Tavern

Chicago, Illinois

Recently relocated in the windy city from New Orleans, Shallou performed live alongside Manatee Commune at Schubas Tavern in Chicago last August 17. It is astounding how the duo can compose remarkable music well beyond their age. Their addition to the Chicago local music scene is certainly noteworthy, with ambient tracks that bring you to another dimension. I fixed my eyes on their “toys,” wondering how they layer soothing rhythms, unexpected beats, and melancholic elements seamlessly.

The song Years puts you in a trance, giving a quick glimpse of J Boston’s calm and enigmatic voice. You get more taste of it in After, as he reveals his voice in between trippy, atmospheric tunes – a definitely enchanting eargasm. It progresses to a louder beat and abruptly tones down to end with a light and eerie fadeout. His haunting voice is also a perfect pairing to the light pings and dings and chimes in the song Surface.

The ambient and chilling qualities of their music are consistently beautiful, while still leaving each track unique from each other.  Reykjavik for instance is a distinctively danceable track compared to their other compositions. Nonetheless, one can easily sway and get lost with every song, allowing them to be gently taken to another universe, to another realm.

Shallou at Schubas Tavern

Note: Their EP After is now available for purchase at their bandcamp page.

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