Hi! I’m Leah Anne P. Cuevo. If you’re from Chicago and you like indie music, you probably know me as DJ Yang of 107.1FM. And if you’re from my homeland (PH), you might also know me as Yangkee, Yangster, or whatever other name that my friends have birthed for me (uh, thanks guys?). My hobbies revolve around art, literature, and independent music. I love coffee, Audrey Hepburn, memes, and inverted smileys. (:

I am a paper artist and illustrator, currently selling my works through Etsy. I permanently moved to Chicago after 8 years of corporate jobs and finishing my masters degree, to spend the rest of my life with my one great love – le husband. 😀 I still have a long way to go but moving in a new city gave me a blank slate to start with, and enabled me to go for pursuits that I have conceded pursuing during my corporate career. And this is my online home for that ongoing journey. (:


(art) Aya Kato, Florence Manlik, Audrey Kawasaki, Jackson Pollock, and Adam Feibelman.

(music) I appreciate most genres, in varying levels. But tune in on 107.1FM Chicago or CHIRPRadio.org for what I believe is awesome music. I am on air every Saturday, 9PM Central Time.

(writing) Banana Yoshimoto, Margaret Atwood, and Sylvia Plath.



On my art: You can learn more about my Etsy shop and my creative process here. You may not use, share, and/or copy my work without my permission.

On featured music: They’re overviews, not reviews. I just want to share them to people who haven’t heard of them yet OR share about what I love about them if you do know about an artist/album/event that I feature. It’s more fun, trust me.

On featured books: I don’t want to spoil things for you. Instead of “reviews,” I give you meaningful reasons why you should read them BY establishing a thoughtful connection between the characters and us hooooomans.

On people, places, & experiences: You are who (and what) you surround yourself with. The people and places featured here are special because they moved me to create.

Important Notes:

(1) I do not get compensated on anything that I feature in my blog posts, unless clearly, openly, and glaringly stated in the post.

(2) Photos in this website have links to their sources, unless unknown or they are mine. If I missed any sources please don’t go beast-mode on me and contact me right away so I can fix it. (:

Photo by: MangoRed
Location: ABV, Makati PH