Album Feature: Heat and Entropy by Ben Chatwin

Heat and Entropy by Ben Chatwin

Label: Ba Da Bing

Year: 2016

Personal favorite/s: The Kraken, Euclidean Plane

Scottish composer and producer Ben Chatwin promptly followed his first full album The Sleeper Awakes (2015) with Heat and Entropy, shortly after several records under his moniker Talvihorros. He is a master of suspenseful melodies and progressions, and this is another collection of his arresting instrumentals.

Ben Chatwin

Each track sets an atmosphere of its own. You will hear gripping and chilling notes in the quick tracks “Inflexion” and “Oscillations.” Other songs have thrilling crescendos (check out “Gravitational Bodies,” Phantom Lights, ” and “The Kraken”), and tension with a decent amount of drama.


“The Kraken” starts like a melancholic tune with relaxing ambient and multiple layers of melodies that progress with a grander tone and more eclectic elements  – gradually toning down to end. “Euclidean Plane” is like a steady and relaxing hum, with elements that remind you of nature. This album could be an interesting pick for fans of Steve Hauschildt and Massive Attack.




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