Album Feature: Omega/Whatever by Avers

Omega Whatever by Avers

Label: Egghunt

Year: 2016

Personal favorite/s: Low, All You Are, Holding On

The musical style of Avers is very unique and really hard to identify within just a particular genre. There are old school, experimental, charming (Check out the track “Low.” It sounds charming although it contained profanity), heavy rock, and many other elements present in Omega/Whatever, combined with intelligent songwriting. This a-little-bit-of-everything feature makes listening to the whole album so liberating.

One thing’s for sure, their third album since Empty Light (2014) packs a punch of commanding and clean guitar riffs (Listen to “Vampire,” and “Low”) and drumbeats (Check out “Tongues,” and “Holding On”) – with Tyler Williams of indie folk band The Head and the Heart on drums. Have a listen to their opening track “Vampire.”

Every track is full of explosive but cohesive melodies, so expect a lot of them to start with abrupt and loud beats such as in “Vampire,” “Everything Hz,” “Tongues,” and “Santa Anna.” Fans of Sonic Youth and The Head and the Heart will probably enjoy this release.




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