7 Familiar Feels from “It” by Alexa Chung

It by Alexa Chung

“It” is a brief autobiography of a girl who will remind the readers of themselves at one point or another. Enjoy the (surprisingly) very relatable life of a British fashion model who will make us remember to enjoy life – beyond trends and style.

It by Alexa Chung

The stark similarities, no matter how shallow, struck the right chord in me. A few of the similarities that I realized were as simple as:

1. Trying to like trending music as a child to fit in:

I was not really fascinated by majority of the dance craze in grade school. Much to my surprise, I started listening to a plethora of music genre right after high school. Don’t worry, I still love my girl and boy bands.

2. Speaking of girl bands, Alexa’s love for the Spice Girls:

My cousins and I were obsessed with this group since Wannabe first came out in the Philippines. I bring “girl power” to school every day – complete with the pigtails and platform sneakers.

spice girls meme

3. George Harrison as her favorite from The Beatles:

I also don’t see the point in having a favorite. It’s ridiculous. But for some reason, George Harrison had a gripping appeal on me since time immemorial. He looks especially handsome here by the way.

george harrison

4. Her fondness of, and nagging urge to do karaoke:

This is invalid. I think most Filipinos like karaoke so perhaps this shouldn’t count. Lol.

karaoke meme

5. Taking screenshots of videos for visual/style inspo:

I don’t know why, but I did this for Annie Hall just months ago, and an entire video of Miranda July back in 2009 among others. I better ‘fess up that I still do this. The PRTSC button is just much more convenient than Google.

6. Her struggle with makeup:

The difference is she got over it. I still suck.

makeup meme

7. Her POV on choice of undies:

I tried. But just like Alexa, one can be as practical and realistic as she can get.

Simple things, but I tell you why it matters.

Alain de Botton, studying Proust, once said that the books that we read usually “articulate a sufficient range of our own concerns.” And through understanding them, we’d simultaneously understand significant part of ourselves.

It by Alexa Chung

I AM NO MODEL. The similarities that I discovered upon reading the life of Alexa Chung did not bring out just some shallow excitement that I have something in common with a famous person – more importantly, it brought me the feeling that something written by a different person can actually bring you home, to yourself.

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