Pitchfork Festival 2017: My Muses

I thought of doing something different this time around when I share my Pitchfork Fest experience with you guys. I usually blog about the performances that I caught - with some video clips and photos, and of course we are still definitely going to have that! But apart from the usual components of an amazing … Continue reading Pitchfork Festival 2017: My Muses

7 Mic Drop Moments from Kira Argounova of Ayn Rand’s “We the Living”

We the Living was the first fiction that Ayn Rand has completed after fleeing proletarian Russia in 1926. The heroine, Kira Argounova, displayed strong will, integrity, and ambition that no amount of social movement was able to stop her from pursuing.

Practical Lessons from “Art Inc.” by Lisa Congdon

Art Inc. is a good read for artists and aspiring artists who want to build a sustainable business out of their creative talents and skills. I strongly recommend it as a tool to get you down to business.