Practical Lessons from “Art Inc.” by Lisa Congdon

Art Inc. by Lisa Congdon

Art Inc. is a good read for artists and aspiring artists who want to build a sustainable business out of their amazing creative talents and skills. It is quite a short read and Lisa Congdon wisely divided critical topics into chapters that any reader can comfortably tackle.

Art Inc. by Lisa Congdon

The chapters were paced and aptly titled as follows:

  1. You are an artist
  2. Getting down to business
  3. Promoting you work
  4. Selling your art
  5. Exhibitions and galleries
  6. Illustration and licensing
  7. Managing the ebb and flow of success

It took me quite a while to finish the book because I used this as my reading material for my morning SAVERS routine, in which I only read for about 10 minutes and scribble important notes in my journal pertaining to what I have covered during the limited time.

Art Inc. is great because it translates complex business ideas into simpler terms that will not overwhelm the readers. It covers a multitude of areas from social media marketing to price structure and purchase policies. Each chapter is insightful and has concrete steps or guidelines that enable you to take action, and not just be inspired. Congdon also interviews a roster of reliable sources to help readers further understand ideas though real life experiences of successful artists such as Nikki McClure, Lisa Solomon, Dolan Geiman, and Mark Hearld.

Also, don’t miss the list at the end of the book filled with resources for business tools, services, trade shows, and art organizations.

I strongly recommend it as a tool to get you down to business, you lovely creatives!

Art Inc. by Lisa Congdon

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