I Fight Dragons Concert with Time Crash and Diagon Alley

I Fight Dragons Live in Martyr's

Chicago, Illinois

Rom surprised me with tickets to see I Fight Dragons live! I first heard their album “Kaboom!” and got hooked since. They happen to be from Chicago; and together with Dark Sage Brewery, they had a concert and craft beer release at Martys’ last August 14.

IFD at Martyrs poster

IFD at Martyrs

They made an amazing I Fight Dragons custom beer called “The Beer Future,” which is  Belgian IPA with Cyborg Blood Orange. It was based on their new album “The Near Future.” We got to try it that night and we cannot wait for more creations from Dark Sage!

the beer future label

Click here or on the beer label (which also looks exactly like their album art) to purchase IFD’s new album!

Two more bands performed that night and they were an awesome discovery. Time Crash and Diagon Alley delivered incredibly entertaining performances. Here are some photos and short clips of all three:




Bonus: Caught Packy making a heart. ❤

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