Threadless HQ in Chicago

I visited the headquarters of Threadless in Chicago last August 25 and that place was AMAZING. I was there for a seminar and panel discussion about The Future of Work, Workspace, and Collaboration.

Threadless Chicago

The discussion about how technology transformed work, collaboration, and productivity was led by a panel of experts coming from diverse companies from the creative industry such as Lance Curran of Threadless, Courtney Deimel of Red Frog Events, David Sjunnesson of IDEO, and Max Chopovsky of Chicago Creative Space.

Threadless Chicago

There were art artworks everywhere! There was even a giant robot made out of cardboard boxes and other recyclables. Check out the cool wall art in these photos.
Threadless Chicago

Threadless Chicago

406 N Sangamon Street
Chicago, IL 60642
Monday-SFriday, 9:00AM to 5:00PM


Pardon me, but I even had to take a snapshot in their washroom because YES, it was also filled with amazing art.
Threadless Chicago


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