Google’s Get Your Business Online Tour

Let’s put our cities on the map! (:

Google's GYBO Chicago

Get Your Business Online or GYBO is an incredible initiative from Google and the local government units to empower and educate small enterprises into leveraging their businesses through maximizing the Internet, specifically the Google Business platform.

Google's GYBO Chicago

Their tour made a stop in Chicago (at the Greenhouse Loft) last April 27 and we were lucky enough to make it. Aside from Rom’s long-time family business, we recently launched our own PT agency and this event taught us a lot.

Google's GYBO Chicago

GYBO by Google is a free event of everything e-commerce. Led by Google experts, particpants learned about creating websites and received hands-on coaching in using tools such as Google Analytics, Google Places, and AdWords.

Google's GYBO Chicago

Google's GYBO Chicago

Laptops, manual, endless food+drinks, and complimentary parking slots were provided, WIN!

Google's GYBO Chicago

Another cool thing: there were traffic cones in Google colors in the streets of Chicago, which served as guide for us as we walk from the parking area to the venue.

Google's GYBO Chicago


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