“Batman #497” by Doug Moench x The Dark Knight Rises by Christopher Nolan

Doug Moench's Batman 497 vs Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises

UPDATE: I borrowed a copy from the library to read it myself. I LOVE IT!


Before (or after) seeing The Dark Knight Rises in theater, I watched a video from this YouTube channel, in which Comichead shares scenes from selected issues of various comics that he likes.

It featured issue #497 of  Doug Moench’s Batman, which is where Christopher Nolan got the epic backbreaking scene of Batman and Bane.

Although a new version recently came out under The New 52 Batman the Dark Knight series, the original cover of this story was done by Kelley Jones in 1993. Which one do you think is better? (:


Art by Kelley Jones, 1993


Art by Dave Finch, 2012

Here’s the funny video that I was talking about. The narration made the review really hilarious. ((:

There you have it guys, if you love Nolan’s trilogy, you have to read Doug Moench’s Batman series. Another must read comic series where Nolan based his trilogy film is Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns from 1986. Imagine that? I was born in 1986!!! *mindblown*


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Share a post, win a friend (me), and a virtual donut (friendship bracelets are so 1990s). *fistbump*


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