“The Dark Knight Returns” by Frank Miller x Jay Oliva’s Movie Adaptation

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

In Blu-ray September 25

We kicked off Saturday watching the animated film adaptation of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, directed by Jay Oliva. The cool trivia for me here is that Peter Weller, the voice of the famous Robocop, did Bruce Wayne/Batman’s voice! Here’s a trailer for the movie. Feast your eyes and brace yourself for a few more days – because the movie will be out in DVDs this coming Tuesday, September 25!

As per Rommel, some scenes from Frank Miller’s series were missing in the film. Probably because it will be too weird or inappropriate for the younger audience. One of which is this scene below because it will be just too freaky seeing a 55-year-old naked Bruce Wayne hugging a jovial young girl (who actually looks like a boy) – Carrie Kelley.

The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller

Another surprise in the animated movie is the appearance of Lana Lang. Yes! Superman’s first love! She was in a heated debate about the role that Batman has been playing in Gotham City. Hmmm… she gained a lot of weight since I last saw Smallville. (; Still, I admire her strong character here. And of course, I am on Batman’s side! Here’s a scene from the comic book:

Lana Lang - The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller

Bruce Wayne is in his 50s in this story, I kept arguing about how come Commissioner Gordon is just about to retire at 70 years old? I remember when he was already a police officer, comforting a young Bruce Wayne because his parents were murdered.

Commissioner Gordon: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1

Oldie Gordon

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1

Oldie Wayne

Then again, I’ve been told that this is another version. I cannot link all the great  comic books with different authors like Lego pieces. And I am also happy that he was able to get rid of this moron, who reminded me of Bane.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1

In general, the artwork and the plot are pretty much the same and did justice to the classic comics which came out in 1986. And the jump! Oh that winning jump! You will actually find that it was used as the cover of the comic book:

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Cover

Frank Miller, 1986

Considering the scenes that was omitted from the comics, it was pretty good – enough to fill you with enthusiasm for the second part of the movie which will come out in early 2013!

But for now, I give two thumbs up to both Frank Miller, for always coming up with the most amazing plots that our greatest superheroes deserve, and Jay Oliva, who made an old comic book come to life and showcased how timeless these stories could be. (:

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