Album Feature: Freedays by Tall Tall Trees

Freedays by Tall Tall Trees


This album made me further believe in the power of the beard. All hail bearded songwriters! Kidding aside, it is a fact that pure talent runs in the veins of my new favorite artist: Tall Tall Trees. 

Freedays is the debut solo effort of Mike Savino, after Tall Tall Trees released two albums with the usual band setup. He wrote and recorded Freedays in a period of eight months while staying as a caretaker of a forest-surrounded haven in Georgia. This explains how his mild music is the perfect backdrop for those road trips and nature trailing adventures.

The calmness in his voice is beautifully surrounded by the psychedelic instrumentals from his homemade banjo that he fittingly named Banjotron 5000. He likes pushing its limits by successfully pairing it with effects and loopers (he also actually played the banjo for Kishi Bashi). Disarming talent and a reliable DIY instrument make this album a recommended listen, not to mention the appeal of a bearded man who composed in the middle of a forest. His music is a blend of folk, country, and blue grass. “Backroads,” “CLC,” and “So Predictable” are mellow tracks that are easy favorites.

Try “A Place to Call Your Own,” “Being There,” or “SeagullxEagle” for something that is a little more upbeat. When asked who he’d choose to collaborate with musically (dead or alive), he expressed his interest in collaborating with Wayen Coyne. After hearing Oczy Mlody, this idea is gold.

Label: Joyful Noise

Year: 2017

Personal favorite/s: CLC, So Predictable, Backroads


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