Album Feature: Oczy Mlody by The Flaming Lips

Oczy Mlody by Flaming Lips


I took a deep breath upon receiving this album for review. “No pressure, Yang.” I thought of drinking before proceeding, thinking the alcohol can bring me even an inch near the same plane of Coyne’s way of thinking. But with or without booze, I pretty much enjoyed most of Oczy Mlody.

Back from releasing The Terror four years ago, The Flaming Lips’ new album is said to be another thematic piece with an allegorical point of view: Oczy sounds like Oxy (the narcotic), from which frontman Wayne Coyne imagines a futuristic recreational drug that induces a deep sleep and transports your subconscious into “a fairy tale, childhood dreamscape.”

The opening and title track is a quite forgettable instrumental, but “Sunrise (Eyes of the Young)” is melodically and lyrically beautiful, with some Syd Barrett vibes. A report stated that Coyne actually drew inspiration from Syd Barrett and A$AP Rocky for the album.


The steady beats of “The Castle” remind me of Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots’ (2002) “Do You Realize?” (2002); but sounds more electronic than the latter.

Label: Warner Brothers

Year: 2017

Personal favorite/s: The Castle, Sunrise (Eyes of the Young), Galaxy I Sink


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