Album Feature: Life of Pause by Wild Nothing

Life of Pause by Wild Nothing

Label: Captured Tracks

Year: 2016

Personal favorite/s: Japanese Alice, Whenever I

This fresh drop from Jack Tatum since Nocturne (2012) has eleven tracks with a more organic appeal. Tatum recorded Life of Pause in Los Angeles and Stockholm with producer Thom Monahan. With breezy tunes blended with lucid instrumentals from drums, bass, and guitars, his new approach to dream pop is soulful in its own peculiar way.

Jack Tatum - Wild Nothing

The songs have pensive vocals that complement the natural flow of melodies, which got help from other musicians – John Ericksson (Peter Bjorn & John) and Pelle Jacobsson played drums for the album. Some of the songs have a slightly heavier melody with more prominent drumbeats and bass tracks like in “Japanese Alice,” “TV Queen,” and “Whenever.”

Also, a selected few are interestingly tranquil and upbeat at the same time. If this is your cup of tea, check out “A Woman’s Wisdom” and “Life Of Pause.” Wild Nothing obviously wanted us to hear something new and different from his previous albums, and he did not disappoint.


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