Chicago, Illinois

I saw half of Oasis (the better half) in the flesh!!! ❤

Noel Gallagher in Chicago

On May 29, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds had a concert at the Riviera Theater in Chicago. It was my second time to tear up in a concert (the first time was when I saw Stars live in Manila, lol). All I can say about Noel is that HE. IS. FLAWLESS. It’s like listening to the clearest, most crisp , mastered recording of his voice.

Noel Gallagher in Chicago

Noel Gallagher in Chicago

Here are a some clips of his performance:


Here you go, goosebumps all over the theater.

It was an amazing tearjerker night! If I Had A Gun means so much to us. (:

Noel Gallagher in Chicago


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