Leather Crafting with Craft MNL x Soul Flower

I had an amazing time last August 26 with leather crafting! I took a 3-hour introductory class on making leather accessories at Craft MNL in partnership with Soul Flower.

It began with getting acquainted with the tools. Our fees covered our very own set of leather crafting tools and a few leather supplies and snap buttons to start us off. Holding and learning about the tools made me feel so legit, haha! The scent of metal mixed with the scent of all the leather sheets around us was so motivating. (WUT?)

leather crafting at Craft MNL

It’s quite tedious but simple at the same time. You have to follow each step carefully to create the perfect leather cuff but what I enjoy most about it is the fact that you can let your creativity overflow and design it as you please using different colors of DMC threads.

leather crafting at Craft MNL

Here are 2/3 of the leather cuff styles that were taught to us. We weren’t able to finish the colorful patterned/embroidered cuff due to time constraints.

leather crafting at Craft MNL

leather crafting at Craft MNL

leather crafting at Craft MNL

You may see the latest schedules that Craft MNL and Soul Flower have for leather crafting here. To check out more classes in Craft MNL – from basic bookbinding to making liquid nitrogen ice cream(yass!), click here. Go nuts!

Craft MNL
926 Arnaiz Avenue
Makati City, Philippines
+632 744 5509
Thursday-Friday, 1:00-8:00PM


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