The Lyrical Artistry of Julie Doiron

The Lyrical Artistry of Julie Doiron

It needs no effort to be addicted to Julie Doiron’s infinitely beautiful song+video “Me and My Friend.” Her track “Lovers of the World” can also instantly take your breath away.

Her art has so much meaning – strong and weak altogether, giving this intimidating intricacy all over it. It sounds like lazy well-meaning verses that we luckily discover from time to time, as if a buried treasure. But hers are even more compelling; her songs have the most gripping, honest, and genuine words paired with the perfect voice. This one in particular, “All Their Broken Hearts,” could sieze you to the bone.

Nauseous from a broken heart
These few aint happy
‘Cause every day is a reminder of
Everything I fail

Julie Dioron is also a photographer, which could probably explain her extraordinary approach to music. Having multiple talents gives you the privilege to juggle different things and blend them accordingly to create distinct and lovely things.

This holds true with Julie’s appealing melancholy that will leave an auditorium hanging and waiting for more. And no matter how gloomy, strange, or broken her tracks may sound – this is the very authenticity that fills us up to the brim with ideas and memories that haven’t haunted us for the longest time.

The world indeed is still filled with many splendor things. Take a dip, and soak yourselves with music that resonates pure art, talent, and identity:

And I need more
Could I be more vague?
Condensing you
I can see more
Could you be more clear?
You have some nerve

Oh heavy snow, bury me tonight
In the place where our bikes met
Lovers in the night time
Lovers in the day

Oh heavy heart, forgive me
Make me feel like it’s all okay
Living through the night
And living through the day

wanted to explain something
I’m not quite sure what that was
and when you finally talked to me
I’d forgotten what was on my mind

ow i’m writing you from montreal to tell you that i don’t belong here
i’m writing you from montreal
bye bye

and now i’m writing you with all my heart to tell you that i’m coming home
and i’m writing you from all my heart
bye bye

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