Power Through with Turbo Goth

Turbo Goth at Club DreddManila, Philippines

It only takes two to power through.

The turbo duo, made up of Sarah Gaugler on vocals (not to mention the needle, because she also does astounding tattoos) and Paolo Peralta on guitars, treats their audience to a roundtrip flight of the imagination.

The stage swiftly becomes a platform in a music box, with the clashing trinkets of a wildly dancing guitar and a humming figurine front and center. It just takes two warm bodies to create a celestial impact, contained in words and tunes.

Have a listen to a few of Turbo Goth’s venerated originals:

Morning Swim

Venus Flytrap

New Star Energy

Morning Swim (Squid 9 Remix)

Their buoyant work of art, enthused by Daft Punk, Sonic Youth, and Madonna, among others, is transforming ordinary gigs in places like Gweilos, Saguijo, Club Dredd and Route 196 into one grand fête. Even fashion shows, special events, and product launches are craving for Turbo Goth’s performances.

Great talent and a machine transmute Turbo Goth’s distinct way of celebrating life.

And it will only take two – a pair of two personas, with the amalgam of the juiciest creativity and technology, to leave a lasting effect that will mark both local and global music scene for time indefinite.

Turbo Goth at Gweilos


I recently found the submission of the now NY-based Turbo Goth for NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest. (:

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