The Danceable Spell of Techy Romantics

techy-romantics-camylManila, Philippines

2008 was a monumental year for electro-pop music with more indie bands emerging from this arena. But the making of Techy Romantics is as spontaneous and sudden as their audience’s fascination for every piece that they perform. They can weave imposing songs without the typical band set-up. When people listen, getting their feet off the ground is just inevitable.

A powerhouse trio composed of Dondi Virrey on sampling, Ryan Villena on guitars and Camyl Besinga on vocals, the Techy Romantics have had great gigs in venues such as Route 196, Mag:Net, and Saguijo. Their music was also embraced in places like Ponticello and Manila Polo Club. The lush melodic release is addictive, having inspired by equally brilliant influences such as New Order, The Cure, and The Cardigans. Their impressive lineup is smartly muted, gentle but upbeat, and it will sway you towards dancing non-stop.

techy-romantics-club-dredd techy-romantics-dondi

Following the success of their EP Touch, and within barely two years since it was released in Christmas of 2009, the group concocted yet another indulgence for their followers with their first full-length album under Party Bear Records and Productions, Inc.

The new album Escape, released in 09 December 2011, is composed of 13 lush and chill electro-goodness, mixed and mastered by Silverfilter at Silver Switch Studio.

Listen to the title track that has been played several times in radio stations in and out of the country:

With notes and lyrics that could smoothly circulate throughout your system, such as “Walking away,” “Out Of My Mind,” and “Photos Fade,” they could effortlessly start a cult. Have a listen:

And when the music stops, there’s the rush. The sudden sprint as the last note they hit aimlessly drape in the flashy, evening breeze. And as it stays there, “here I go again…”


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