Album Feature: Parallel Person by VARSITY


Three years after their self-titled debut, with Time magazine naming their track “Eye to Eye” one of the best songs of 2016, Chicago indie-pop quintet Varsity is back with another full-length album filled with bright and catchy melodies. Singer and keyboardist Stephanie Smith continues to charm us with her beautiful vocals, and is still joined by Jake Stolz on drums, his brother Paul on bass, and Dylan Weschler and Pat Stanton on guitars.

Varisty - Parallel Person album cover

Varsity’s sophomore release is comprised of bubbly tunes, albeit some sad stories in lyrics. It starts off with the adorable track “Gordi, You’re a Saint,” a song admiring and praising a dog’s life – describing how every dog owner and admirer feels towards man’s best friend. Every track has its own way of tugging at our heartstrings, whether it’s about vulnerabilities such as in “Settle Down” and “Must Be Nice,” unrequited love like in the song “Discipline,” or being alone such as in “Isolation” and “Alone In My Principles.” Aside from the rising temperature, Parallel Person is the treat that we all deserve after a rather cold and gloomy spring. Consider this album for your next road trip or chill session by the beach.

Label: Babe City Records

Year: 2018

Personal Favorites: Gordi You’re A Saint, Settle Down, Watching You, Alone In My Principles


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