Album Feature: Abandoned Mansion by Dr. Dog

Abandoned Mansion by Dr. Dog


If you’re a Bandcamp lover, you probably got dibs on this album. Abandoned Mansion is a surprise release from the folk rock band Dr. Dog led by Scott McMicken and Toby Leaman, made available through their Bandcamp page. 100% of the proceeds earned from their album downloads through January 31 are going to benefit the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Undeniably a remarkable comeback since 2013’s B-Room, Abandoned Mansion has instantly sold out its limited-edition cassette version. We may recall that an album with a collection of songs written by Scott McMicken and Toby Leaman in 2001 before they formed Dr. Dog was also released earlier this year (The Psychedelic Swamp).

Dr. Dog Cassette

The album contains ten tracks recoded in 2014 in the band’s Mt. Slippery studio in Clifton Heights. The songs are direct chronicles of relatable experiences, with contemplative thoughts like in “Casual Freefall.” Their tender and laidback voices blend naturally with the remarkable instrumentals present in the tracks, including Saral Larsen’s string quartet and Connon Gallaher’s pedal steel guitar.

Label: Self-released

Year: 2016

Personal favorite/s: Abandoned Mansion, Casual Freefall, Jim Song, I Saw Her for thr First Time


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