Album Feature: Avvolgere by True Widow

Avvolgere by True Widow


Goth, metal, shoegaze, and more. Can’t seem to pick between the many genres that we have today? Try giving Avvolgere a listen; the 4th album from Texan trio True Widow. With the definition of shoegaze becoming loose over the years, the band itself coined their style as ‘stonegaze’ – a blend of slow, heavy, and cerebral music. Most of the tracks have haunting and heavy intros followed by ethereal vocals.

True Widow

“To All That He Elong” is a short, dreamy, acoustic track with the lovely voice of bassist Nicole Estill floating with the guitar strums. Her airy vocals can also be heard in other tracks such as “Sante” and “What Finds Me.”

The impressive “Theurgist” will remind you of Smashing Pumpkins and Sonic Youth with its doom-y vibe and guitar distortion; pretty good for something that only used one riff in the entire song. This is actually the case for most of the tracks, and this element of monotony creates a meditative quality.

This album appeals to goth, metal, shoegaze, stone rock, and punk music fans alike. You should also probably check them out if you like Acid King or Nothing.

Label: Relapse

Year: 2016

Personal favorite/s: To All That He Elong


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