As an aspiring mixed media artist, I chose papercutting as foundation for building my artistic direction and identity. Paper is a very common yet versatile medium that can give birth to unique and unexpected art compositions. I draw and cut all my designs by hand using a precision knife, and here are some of my current works.

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The Bestseller: Celebration Maps

Since 2017, my custom papercut maps are the best-selling art piece in my collection. These unique artistic representations of a special life event (from weddings, engagements, birthdays, and more) has been the most popular. See my past state map cut-outs below.

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New York | (c) Yang Cuevo
Utah | (c) Yang Cuevo
California | (c) Yang Cuevo
Georgia | (c) Yang Cuevo
Texas | (c) Yang Cuevo
Alabama | (c) Yang Cuevo
Utah | (c) Yang Cuevo
Pennsylvania | (c) Yang Cuevo
Illinois | (c) Yang Cuevo
Texas | (c) Yang Cuevo

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Limited: Character Series

Although all of my art pieces are one-of-a-kind, I accommodate requests to re-create sold out items. But these limited edition pieces are truly special and unique. The studio has only one of each of these designs that feature your favorite TV/movie/comic characters.

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