Making Babies with The Bernadettes

Manila, Philippines

Who would have thought that “making babies” would become a quick and effortless anthem in pop music?

Formed in summer of 2007, four interesting personalities came together and made their way out of this ordinary, boring world. The Bernadettes consider their craft as a release from the humdrum beat of daily life. Poch is the inexhaustible songwriter/guitarist/vocalist who used to manage lucrative stage plays. Paolo on lead vocals is an introvert who once donned a toque only to realize he’d rather take on the heat onstage than in a kitchen. Rommel plays the bass and adds an interesting tough to the band with his penchant for gothic music. Lastly, Andre on drums is the group’s official daydreamer.

The Bernadettes at Club Dredd

The Bernadettes at Gweilos
Taken from their live performances in local gigs circa 2009.

The band that could launch a thousand thoughts with their catchy tunes and words, filled with utterly familiar realities and drones with the most unexpected, unconventional contexts. The Bernadettes always share their every day experiences and mere musings in their songs. Each track is a reflection of a mundane life event that usually goes unnoticed, until we hear these four men take it in and transform it into genius songs:

On the Wall

Big Armored Girl

Worthless Beautiful

Let’s Make Babies (single available on Spotify)
The Bernadettes - Let's Make Babies Single album cover

Their music is uniquely identified as “drunk pop.” On the contrary, their “drunk” identity ironically produces songs that have high sense of recollection. During live gigs, the night becomes a melodic playground ruled by their catchy tunes, while the crowd sings along with the anthem of today’s generation, “let’s make babies money babies!”

Listen to more of their beautifully drunk pop music here!

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