The Camerawalls on a Worldwide Venture

Manila, Philippines

Whenever the band sets up, there’s a rapid time warp – yester years briefly coming to life.

The Camerawalls elevates the country’s plateau as they parade the competencies  of Filipino musicians.  An indie-pop trio with shrewd lyrics and musicality, the swift advent of credits at the band’s young stage is not a surprise. Their songs are like souls at their most bare form. The gift of transforming everyday ideas shapes them into a potential worldwide wonder.

The Camerawalls

After the success of his former band, and their split up last September 2007, songwriter/vocalist/guitarist Clem Castro carried on the pursuit of breaking into the indie-pop scene at a universal height. With drummer Ian Sarabia and bassist Law Santiago, The Camerawalls’ vision continues to materialize as they craft songs that can easily capture an international audience.

Under the unwavering influences of legendary artists such as The Smiths, XTC, The Stone Roses, and Terry Hall, there is no doubt that The Camerawalls will be able to sow a likewise lasting legacy. And the time of harvest will be just as noble.

Their self-produced debut album “Pocket Guide to the Otherworld” was a cathartic move for Clem. It was released by his own Lilystars Records label last July 2008, with two videos made to date: “Markers of Beautiful Memories” and “Clinically Dead for 16 Hours.”

Pocket Guide to the Otherworld Album Cover

There are also gripping pieces in the album such as “Changing Horses Midstream” and “Lord of the Flies,” which are a metaphoric tour guide to the grueling events in the songwriter’s life in the industry. Their music speaks of changes as things fall apart for grander things to arise. Because retreat is not a sign of defeat, it precedes an immense growth. Thus, is the compelling feeling to brace ourselves for something global.

And to viciously negate the tongues that have coined them as a sheer upshot from the short-lived OPM sensation Orange and Lemons: The Camerawalls did not come out from the ashes of some failed past. They’re a newborn phoenix on their own – a fiery source of music that has surpassed every reluctant plane along their cruise.

Here’s the album cover of the reissued Pocket Guide to the Otherworld. Different cover, same amazing tracks.

Pocket Guide to the Otherworld Reissue Album Cover

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